January 15th: What do I enjoy most about my job?

So I decided to take yesterday’s question with me to work today! I have to admit that this question was an easy one. I just really, really like what I do. I’m so lucky. There are plenty of things that are a pain about working in the field of education. But in my specialization, I have a little more flexibility. And truly, working with students from every different language background means that I learn something new every day. I get to use my creativity to communicate with children about science, social studies, reading…some pretty amazing stuff (just don’t ask me about math!). I get called in to do brand new things, like support computer-adaptive reading testing for the entire school, which I did today. Could have complained about it, but no–what a great opportunity to support everyone in the entire school, and to learn something new. Plus it was fun to get to work with all that tech today. A natural Luddite, I got the routine down after setting up the computers several times today, so I felt very capable. I got to imagine how fun it would be to actually be all techie! I get to work with awesome kids and colleagues, and on the side I do some curriculum consulting in higher Ed, as well as doing teacher training at a local university. I volunteered recently to train volunteers at an adult ed program as well. I get to do a variety of things within my field, and that keeps me energized. Next time you’re feeling cranky at work, frame your day around this question. If it doesn’t turn your day around, maybe it’s time to find a new job!


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