January 8th: How–and when–can I say “no”?

Have you ever felt like you’re doing something not because you wanted to, but because you said you would? And have you ever felt like you said you would…because it seemed like the only option?

For the longest time, I had a philosophy of “say yes!” As in, “say ‘yes’ to the universe, and the universe will say ‘yes’ to you.”

On top of this, I’m a pretty responsible person. (Hey, I’ve made it to January 8th, haven’t I?) and there are undeniable benefits in the world of adults to having “responsibility” as a strength.

But whether it’s an extra project at work, social commitments, or a volunteer opportunity, I’m one of those people who can’t seem to say “no.” This makes me a star employee, a reliable friend, and a general mensch, but it also leads to a lot of frustration.

Well, today, I did it! I said “no!” And nothing happened. I’m still here, And I’m still the same responsible person that I was yesterday.

It’s time to explore the idea that saying “no” might allow me to spend less time doing what I should, and more time doing what I want.


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